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Henley HandyBus' 30th Anniversary Flag Day

The Henley Handybus celebrated its 30th birthday with a flag day on Saturday 1st August 2015. The new bus was parked in the Market Place for all to see. Collectors around the town received donations totalling £524 and everyone who donated received a super HandyBus sticker.

The HandyBus service was started in 1985 by the Lions Club of Henley. They saw a local need for transport and after a big fundraising effort and the support of the people of Henley and local companies a bus was bought and the service started.

Today, the HandyBus is still true to the founding principles of serving people in and around Henley. People who do not have transport, those with mobility difficulties as well as for local organisations.

The beauty of the service is that we collect passengers from their front doors, take them out and return them to their homes. Keeping people connected with their community and their friends is terribly important. In many cases, these members of our community would be cut off and lonely without the HandyBus to take them out and about.

We provide services for The Stroke Club, The 60+ Club, the Meteor Club, residential care homes and others. We even do a shopping trip to Reading twice a month.

Most trips are covered by bus passes so its free at the point of use. When we make trips to local attractions there is only a modest charge which is calculated to just cover our costs. Trips connecting with the Salter's Steamers from Caversham to Henley were particularly popular in 2015, as were trips to Thame Market and Savill Gardens in Windsor to name but a few.